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Feeling of sadness or depression, usually felt in the teen years. The whole depression thing isn't really helped by the fact that almost all rock music (the music most angsty people I know listen to,) is aout NOTHING BUT being depressed, or contemplating suicide. But a lot of angsty teens listen anyway, because they think that they can relate to super rich adult celebrities.
Music: Suffocation, no breathing, don't give a f*ck if I cut my arms bleeding...
Angsty teen: Oh Papa Roach...you know how I feel...
Papa roach: *enjoying a giant swimming pool at a resort somewhere*
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The only internet company that tries to convince it's users that going faster is "dangerous"
I "go fast" and I've never gottan a virus. Suck on that, AOL.
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To add to these several definitions that are all stating the same thing...

While it is known that many "trendy" bisexual's only do it to fit in, not much is known about the "average" (lol, irony?) trendy bi group.

Usually consisting of "angst ridden" teens between the ages of 13 and 18, they've, for the most part, died their hair black and resemble your stereotypical goth. Most of them will believe that being in this group, being "bi" makes them different; original, even.

However, the hypocrisy here is so thick that it can be cut with a knife.
The real hypocrisy comes in the form of the name. "trendy." To become bi was, for these people, a way to fit in with the "cool" kids. Of course, these people would rather die before calling themselves "cool." That would only defeat the purpose. Instead, the group as a whole calls themselves anything else. Typically outsiders, or loners, when really their "bi" clique (which, at this point, no longer accepts new "bi" people) has amassed numbers resembling a small night club. What was once a small group of trendy posers in denial becomes a club of them, and nobody wants that.

It especially sucks when one of your friends goes "bi," but instead of still being your friend joins the "bi" kids and all but ditches you.

Of course, while this might not apply to all groups (read: yours) it is certainly true for the vast majority. And if you happen to be in one and think it isn't true, ask yourself: When was the last time you saw a new face in your group? If you can't remember, then congratulations! You've become a trendy clique, you stupid hypocritical bastard.

And don't try getting new members just to prove me wrong. That just makes you worse. Bitch.
Just attempting to expand a bit on this definition of "trendy bisexual."
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Greek for SOAP.
I'm not kidding.
Smegma is greek for soap, and obviously, if it was really that bad, more people would know about it.
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Toilets that, instead of using around 6 liters of water per flush, use about 2 or 3 liters per flush (lpf). This can result in even the smallest, softest piece of shit clogging the entire toilet, which can then result in unwanted calls for the plumber, and having to buy a jumbo toilet plunger to take care of your problem once and for all.

Generally, it's a very bad toilet. But hey, at least hippy Bob can stop bitching about people wasting water on one flush, even though now the average person must flush three times as much on a low flow toilet to get anything to go down.
Remember when toilets could flush your dead goldfish down? Low flow toilets can't do that...
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Kidz Bop

A horrible CD filled with overplayed songs sung by children who are all on ritalin. Their "videos" consist of them running around laughing and dancing, while singing. In short, a pedophile's wet dream.
What most of the people who buy kidz bop don't realize is that these songs are so overplayed that anyone could hear them on the radio, sung by the original singers, for free. Stop giving these people money.
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A fun game made by Nintendo. Originally created in Japan, the game was the inspiration for the TV show (or anime) not the other way around. The game came first. At the beginning there were 151 pokemon, but Nintendo got greedy, and instead of letting the games die gracefully, they had to keep it going. The result is now over 380 Pokemon that (al after 250, anyway) look like circles and blobs with arms and legs. The television show has not fared as well either. The once exciting plot is now stale, dry, and boring. Oh well. Guess its just another thing that jumped the shark.

Also, teh games are just remakes of the original plot of red and blue...does nobody agree with me here???
I havent watched an episode of Pokemon since I was about 11 years old. I tuned in for the first time in years, and was surprised at how much the show had turned to crap.
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