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for a bunch of "fans" you could all at least spell the band name right. See Green Day, not Greenday.
Also, a green day is when you do nothing but sit around and smoke weed. It is also the (mispelled) name of a great band, that has been around since teh eighties.
Its green day, not greenday.
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It's like UD, except you use it for school.
Wikipedia used to be a place where everyone could post information, but since a dipshit posted some false information that was really upsetting to someone else, we must all now join, to post a one sentence correction of some word we just happen to stumble upon on their site. Thank you, jackass...
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Toilets that, instead of using around 6 liters of water per flush, use about 2 or 3 liters per flush (lpf). This can result in even the smallest, softest piece of shit clogging the entire toilet, which can then result in unwanted calls for the plumber, and having to buy a jumbo toilet plunger to take care of your problem once and for all.

Generally, it's a very bad toilet. But hey, at least hippy Bob can stop bitching about people wasting water on one flush, even though now the average person must flush three times as much on a low flow toilet to get anything to go down.
Remember when toilets could flush your dead goldfish down? Low flow toilets can't do that...
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BYOB changes with age. As a child it simply stands for bring your own bed, used mainly during a sleepover to say, "bring a sleepingbag" as you get older, it means bring your own beer,as beer will not be served.
Johnny(age 5) BYOB, friends, it'll be a great sleepover!

Johnny(age 15) its a party, BYOB...
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A person (either gender fits, actually...) who talks to multiple people, at the same time. This can get very annoying, as this person is usually cybering with other people, and then ignoring their true friends who then decide that they've had enough of waiting twenty minutes for a reply of "yeah" or "ok" or "yep" or "lol".
me: hey
AIM slut: hey
me: how are you?
(5 minutes pass)
AIM slut: ok
me: cool. did you see (insert movie here) I thought it was pretty cool, but (insert actor here) was just retarded in it. bad acting and everything. What'd you think?
AIM slut: lol yeah.
^ that is an AIM slut.
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The kid in the back of the classroom who is rarely ever spoken too. This kid could be the smartest kid in the class, but every time he says anything, he isn't listened to, and others around him steal his answers and yell them out. This is the kid who is not well known by most of the class. When students pass out papers, they say "who is (insert name of the quiet kid here)?" The only time people ever talk to the quiet kid are when they need something. It's never to talk about TV or video games or the internet, it's always "what did you get for number 3?" or "what was the homework for English class?" The quiet kid will go home every day, with a huge backpack, on the bus, and one day he'll stop showing up at school, and no one will notice or care. People will assume he switched classes and went somewhere else. It would be as if he never even existed...
I am the quiet kid.
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