When a person (usually a woman, but men can too) strikes a male's testicles with their foot, resulting in the kickee being immobilized by pain and possibly sterilizing or emmasculating him.
Wendy was tired of his cheating so she gave him a devastating kick in the balls
by Sam E82 August 25, 2007
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Either literally being kicked in the balls or decsribing a feeling of emotional pain of the same degree.
"Oi, did you see how we all kicked steve payton in the balls today?"
ÿeah no way he is havin kids. He got kicked in the balls bad"

"Oi, did you here my new gridiron ball got kicked over the fence, will never get it back"...
"Man, thats a kick in the balls. Bad Luck."
by Steve Gayton September 15, 2006
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The most painful thing a man can experience. Balls (otherwise known as testicles) are the weakest body part there is and even a flick can bring a man to his knees and want to cry.
Susie: "I can't believe you cheated on me!"

Ryan: "I'm sorry please forgive me"

Susie: *kicks him between the legs*

Ryan *cries like a little bitch holding his nuts and puking*

Susie: "nothing you can't solve with a swift kick in the balls! :D
by Ballbuster July 9, 2013
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to kick balls or to show over excitement or to show anger about a mistake
oh, kick balls!!!
by xxBHP'D PUNKxX March 23, 2009
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National Kick men's Balls day is a day that anyone can kick any mans balls whenever they want on April 25th
Person 1: what is national kick mens balls day?
Person 2: national kick men's Balls day is a day that anyone can kick a man's balls in revenge for national rape day which is a day before national kick men's Balls day
by Microwave-bush man April 17, 2021
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The stomach sinking feeling you get when you hear bad news or when getting your feelings hurt.
"Did you hear that john caught his wife cheating on him, That must have been an emotional kick in the balls."

"I got an emotional kick in the balls when i heard my aunt had past away."
by DeweyBoy March 1, 2010
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in november all of the girls are allowed to kick as many balls as they want and they can’t do anything back
did you hear its kick ball month in november?’
by poggerspogchamp October 1, 2020
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