God's most perfect creation. Everyone loves her because she is heaven. She is stunningly beautiful with eyes as blue as the sky. She is brilliant, ingenious, spontaneous, intuitive, creative, perceptive, tenderhearted and charasmatic. Kibbe represents everything one strives to be in life, and more.....
Kibbe is simply divine. She reminds me of the times I spent in the Bahamas....
by Kibbe Fan February 21, 2009
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A Noun/Verb used to name a person that will creep up on you in your sleep and fill your underwear with shaving cream. It is frowned upon in many societies to be a Kibbe.
Bro - Yo dude, I fell asleep outside last night and some hobo kibbed me
Dude - Wow, what did you do?
Bro - I cried... then barfed
by Timothy Peabody October 15, 2009
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minced meat dish with almonds.
the damn Lebbos think that's a 'national' dish..well, fuck that. It's origins are North African...
and yeah, it's taste-o!
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
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Its the deffinition of a sexy robbery. When you pull of a robbery perfectly, its a kibbe robbery. In simple terms Kibbe robbery ist when a handsome guy jumps in your window and fucking slaps his dick in your momas face.
Guy: What the fuck are you doing??
Robber: I just pulled of a perfect robbery!
Guy: Oh, so you did a Kibbe robbery?
Robber: Yes.
by SkrtMoment May 04, 2021
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A person who
- is president and CEO of FreedomWorks

- was Rep. Dan Miller's (R. FL.) cheif of staff and house budget committee representative.

-in '90 '93 he was director of federal budget policy for the U.S. chamber of commerce

-was aneconomist for the RNC
Matt Kibbe is president and CEO of FreedomWorks.
by Titus Optimus March 10, 2012
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Simp (Kibbewater version) is a guy willing to donate a lot of money to pokimane
pokimane (or asian kbob): *exist*
kibbewater: hi take wallet im so simp (kibbe version)
by sissyBussy November 14, 2020
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