When something is "a madness". As in crazy, and can be in a good or bad way. Abbreviated way of saying madness!
"Mate! they even had strippers there!! I'm telling you last night was a mazza!!"
"She was getting angry and screaming and stuff, it was a mazza mate I had to leave"
by BougieCrew April 22, 2013
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A nickname for Marilyn Manson you see sometimes on the internet.
Mazza and Twiggles are so together!
by mazzafan February 23, 2008
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Not holding up to a meeting or a date.
Someone says, "I'll see you at 4:00PM," and then they don't show up.

He pulled a Mazza on us again!
by Jrock12345 December 23, 2009
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“Mike really Mazza’ed that golf shot.”
Watch me Mazza this trick shot.”
by Skatkat156 December 22, 2018
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Mazza is an old slave term actually for the word Master meaning the white male that owned the property, including the slaves, in which the slaves lived on. Most African American slaves back in the day were uneducated and spoke with the lazy tongue not pronouncing words correctly.
Mazza said to clean the house.
Better not let his Mazza find out.
by KimX9 February 14, 2018
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Also “club” in Italian is the last name of only the most OG Italian legends that sit in the front of Italian class and are just that coolio.
Oh shit man, she’s a Mazza kid, she must be a sexy Italian girl
by Booty cheeks Magee October 6, 2018
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The word is a street terminology word meaning something crazy, surprising, exciting and amazing.
That accident was a Mazza
by resiy August 26, 2019
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