The realm in which races from the game Rogue Lineage ascend and transform. Ubers reside in this realm, and it's considered the "Hard Mode". Death systems are implemented, they are lost upon gripping/killing other people. It is also extremely hard to progress as a ultra due to the amount of blood-thirsty ubers who want to grip you for %downs.
Person 1: Hey, did you progress to ultra class yet?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: Let's go to Khei and get our ubers!

Person 2: WHAT? I'd never want to go there! I'd rather stay in Gaia and not be

gripped/killed by the amount of ubers out there to hunt you!
by December 13, 2020
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Khei's are mostly females. They have a bright, pretty smile. They can be really self conscious even though they have no reason to be. They are kind, calm, precious, adorable, sweet, and loving. They can be very protective over people they love. They try their best to take care of their friends and family. They normally have brown hair with chocolatey brown eyes. Their voice like soft honey that you could get cavities from. Anyone would be lucky to date a Khei. They are the most selfless person. They tend to not love them selves even though they should. Dream occupation tends to be a Veterinarian. They love animals and love to take care of them and it a great animal caregiver. Someone you could easily fall in love with.
Klay: "Wow, she's so good with animals"

Wayne: " She must be a Khei"
by Zenlenjun June 04, 2020
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Someone who is very kind and gently. The name Mitzi has derived from German roots and can be used a nickname for someone named Maria in such places in and around Germany. Mitzi khei's are such beautiful and wonderful people. The most beautiful people.

It's a very pretty name and very unique.
:Oh wow, look at how pretty she looks.

: her names Mitzi, Mitzi khei!
: no wonder-
by Zenlenjun November 15, 2020
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