Give a Girl your hoody Day!💕💕
If a girl asks give it to her! Or hey you can have her scrunchie. So try it out even if she doesn’t ask on September 24th
by Facts_ForLIfe September 24, 2019
The craziest bitches are born on this day. They won't be afraid to pull a knife on you.

Don't mess with him/her.
They're mad but great fun when you get to know them
Person 1: She's so weird
Person 2: it's expected, she was born on September 24th
by BarbieThingZ October 30, 2019
If you where born on this day your automatically better than anyone named alyssa not born on this day if your name is Layla and your born on this day your most loyal friends name starts with a j and ends with an a
Hey when’s your birthday

September 24th
by Ifuckedyomom69420 November 3, 2019
Make out with your lover and keep doing ok until they tell you to stop.
Hey babe, come here *starts making out with her*. (A few hours later) ok baby stop, why did you do that in the first place???

Babe it is September 24th!
by MEH BLEHHHHH September 23, 2021
National kiss someone who’s name begins with A day.
I kissed Aaron, since it is September 24th after all.
by a823 September 5, 2022
If you where born on this day your a real one and usually better than anyone named alyssa
When’s your birthday?
September 24th
WOAH you gotta dig bick
by Ifuckedyomom69420 December 5, 2019
September 24th is when the cutest little frick thats AMAZING at baseball was born
"did you here my birthday is september 24th? They say thats the day cutest people are born"
by Joshiesbee June 10, 2021