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A name from african desent meaning strong and wise.

sometimes a boss or a ceo that has a lot of sexual realtions
My boss at work is a Khari
by Yung ri November 13, 2009
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A man with a big dick. Be careful not to sleep on him because he will slay your hoe. Also is a genius and an athlete.
Khari never tries but damn he good at everything.
by I ain't ever lie March 15, 2017
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A girl who has undeniably gorgeous looks. She has long flowing brown hair with golden natural highlights. Her personality is the best you will ever find. Kharis is hilarious, sweet, caring, and is overall one of the down to earth girls you will meet. So, if you find a Kharis, don't lose her. She doesn't care about what people think about her most of the time and she lives life the way she wants, to the best of her ability. Kharis will always be there for you no matter what and you can trust her with anything. She is a dedicated and loyal friend, and that will never change. You will always have a great time with Kharis,many laughs will be shared and good memories will be made.
I love her, like a a lot, with all my heart, shes such a Kharis!
by imaphotographerbihhh December 04, 2011
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A Bad-ass chick with purple hair who has an intense, magnetic personality that is impossible not to like. She is overwhelmed by the number of people that love her and she loves every second of it. She is an extremely talented actress and singer and has an edgy/artsy style that many people would kill for.

She also has the most beautiful nose ever.
"Omg did you see her nose? It's amazing! It's like a Kharis nose!"
by Somebodywholovesyou March 23, 2009
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