An awesome person how joins random forums and gets mistaken as a troll and is banned
everybody on forum-Lets ban the troll
Khaos-No i'm not a troll
reason trolling
ban lifted never
goddamit this always happens
by Khaos The Awesome Guy October 23, 2010
The best racing crew on earth. Also is a known swapper of wins and losses. Never under estimate a member of KHAOS.
"Did you just lose that race?"
"Yeah man! I did my best, but that dude was on the Khaos crew!"
"Khaos you say? They are the best of the best. "
"True. True."
by Brandonh11 May 3, 2018
1. Someone who is best at a game.
1. "Yo Im khaos at this game"
by Khaos March 9, 2005
Girl 1 : why did you bitch about me to others?

Girl : Pokor khao na. I never said anything against you.
by Isuckcock2020 July 19, 2021
Eat Shit.

"Potty" from the general term given to brown human excretement.

"Khao" from the beautiful urdu language, meaning Eat

Popular in local Pakistani poetry.
You think my face is haram? Well potty khao.
by dingoebingo December 15, 2009
Razor - Khaos is a small youtuber that posts really unfunny videos of him and his friends making inside jokes. Also he is stinky.
Have you seen the new Razor - Khaos video on YouTube?
by SHREKBOIY February 16, 2020
Bangla phrase which means "Go fuck yourself" and literally translates to "fuck your rice puffs and eat it."

The rice puff (muri) reference is used because in Bangladeshi society, rice is the staple food and so it must be used when you tell someone to go fuck themselves.
tor kam kora lagbo na, tui chudai muri khao
by suggandeze_fruits February 8, 2020