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A large gay cunt that will yeet a water bottle across a room and yell "my dick is big gimmie succ succ"
"Keyaan is gay"
"Keyaan is really gay"
"Did you see Keyaan over there? I've head he's gay"
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by yyeett February 23, 2018
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hot all the ladies love him has a huge dick he's short but smart and funny.
omg i just saw a keyaan, I'm moist.
by stephanie2004 July 11, 2017
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Sexiest guy in the world.
Gradually earns a lot of girls.
Arabian backround and defined physical figures
Knows how to seduce Girls
Has an amazing character
Is smart and can earn a lot of money
Girl 1: I met a guy on snap by the name of keyaan
Girl 2: He added me too
Girl 1: Damn hes hot though
Girl 2: He looks quite smart aswell
Girl 3: Damn he sounds like an amazing guy
by BananaBoy786 May 06, 2018
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