Noun: recreational substance combining cocaine and finely milled MDMA; administered through the nasal passage way (read: snorting coke and Molly).
Person 1: you down to roll at the Excision show tonight?
Person 2: Yeee and I got coke.

Person 1: you down to mix it and do a Kerry?
Person 2: say no more fam.
by Bugle Bros March 08, 2020
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A name for a generous, beautiful, passionate, kind, sweet, and amazing girl. Some people would kneel and bow down to her, as if she were a goddess. Men often fall head over heels in love with her.
Man#2: I don't know, but she is so perfect, she must be a Kerry.
by ohmygodkerryishot June 04, 2011
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Kerry is a beautiful girl with long hair and it’s braided or put in a ponytail or she has it down. She’s also funny and can make you laugh she can make you laugh over something stupid but Kerry is awesome and amazing and beautiful
Boy:Is that Kerry?
Boy:She’s awesome
by littlemisspurfect December 07, 2017
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A nice easy going handsome guy who everyone enjoys and wants to be around all the time

Generally has dark hair and eyes with a big friendly smile
Kerry is so awesome!
by Kerry-guy November 12, 2019
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A rare and sexual Faerie of the highest order.
A tanned goddess, she has an amazing mind, body and soul.
Never hesitates to provide food for hungry pirates pixies, or drive them to work.
Her Favorite TV character is " Shady Lizard ".
Over all an amazing snuggler and human faerie being.
by Dextina May 15, 2021
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thw most beautiful girl a man could ever want. Kerry is always glad to see someone thats named Ian and that Ian kid is madly In love with Kerry.
whos that?
oh thats kerry, SORRY SHES TAKEN
by ian k. March 31, 2013
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Kerry, a young man who is boss at life, and takes crap from no one. He is very intelligent and can be loved by anyone. He is a dare devil better than you guy.
Kerry a simple guy who is great around everywhere.
by xX_:D_Xx April 07, 2016
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