A girl who doesn't know how to keep her hands to herself or have self control. She tends to break out in song a lot and people wonder if she has problems
Kerry get away from me!
by Georgeisgay February 12, 2018
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Another word for a really aggressive type of Chlamydia. It attacks anything and everything in its way, and hurts like hell. Symptoms in women include vaginal discharge or burning with urination. While it includes discharge from the penis, burning with urination, or pain and swelling of one or both testicles in men. It can also affect eyes, and lead to blindness. People suffering from Kerries will usually be in denial about the truth of the matter, which will only result in them causing their own situation to get worse.
It's disgusting AF, so if you come into contact with Kerries, you need to see a doctor and be treated immediately.
Oh no! Did you see that girl? I heard she has Kerries, better stay away from her...
by Expertus October 16, 2017
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means 'Darkness surrounds you.' tiny titties, super curly hair, super funny, but will beat you up if you get too close. loves a good hug, big asss. really dirty-minded. always making dad jokes. enjoys making fun of people as a joke she can relate to you on a lot of stuff. can not talk to her for months at a time and when you do its like you never stopped talking. has a lot of "deep" convos with her friends.

Kerry is a heather
we all love a Kerry

she is super strong
makes a lot of people cry.
Kerry is my best friend for life and will definitely be in my wedding dress change room.

Kerry and I have a lot of very deep and weird conversations.
by itty bitty titty comitty May 12, 2021
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