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(Verb) - To approach a female, typically at a party, and proceed to put one arm around her waist. No words are exchanged at any point during the act of Kennedying. Depending on ones mental state, alcohol consumption, and confidence level, Kennedying can last anywhere from 2-14 minutes.

Common slang used in the Northeast region of the United States, originating somewhere in central Massachusetts in the early 2000's.
"What?! You banged that 10 last night? How'd you pull it off?"
"I saw her from across the bar and just started Kennedying"
by checK August 05, 2014
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The act, usually associated with partying exrta hard, or any other act when one engages in an activity overly excessive. No need to explain where this comes from.
"Dude, I am going out tonight and doing a little bit of kennedy-ing if you know what I mean"

It also works in the context of "I am partying like a Kennedy tonight"
by T. Pinck October 06, 2005
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