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A kelanie is a magical being of a human. She wears her confidence on her shoulders as she strides through this craziness we call life. Though her top may be heavy, her burden is light. She has faith that Mother Theresa would envy. Her hair shines like the gold that encapsulates her halo. The heart inside this wonderful heiress is one that contains compassion. The very fiber of her being is ruled by the knowledge that she can take on the world. Grab a drink ladies and gentlemen, lets toast to a Kelanie!
Guy: So you see that princess walkin across the street?

Another Guy: Oh ya dude, nobody could miss those humps.

Guy: She is a ten!

Another Guy: No, she is a Kelanie!
by WalkingGoddess101 September 11, 2010
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when the female vagina is so polluted with sextual transmitted diseases that the entire body starts to rot.
Condoms dont work on a kelanie, your stll going to catch something.
by hizzl October 21, 2007
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