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A Keion is a male who tends to be the life of the party and center of attention even when he doesn't want to be. He is also very attractive and good looking. Girls tend to like him because of this and his charming ways and personality. A Keion is a very talented person who can accomplish anything be sets his mind to. Keions tend not to care about much.
Keion is such a good looking guy.. I think i like him
by Anonymous guy from the caribbe January 10, 2016
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Keion is a wonderful guy. He is the cutest nicest and best person you know. He can be weird at times but he will eventually be the same awesome gut you know and love
Wow Keion was acting really weird today. But that's the reason I love him so much
by Lovely_1 May 30, 2016
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A show where cute girls doing cute things. Often involves musical instruments, but it doesn't need to.
"Hey man did you watch Keion?"
"Of course! Azu-nyan really is best girl."
by Anon. E Mouse November 02, 2015
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This is a person who is a total bitch and does not care about anything. He will often get bullied. No one will ever want to date him. So if you have this name I suggest you change it a your local court ASAP
by LIjsodngosRjosfjngosjngeingoer December 07, 2013
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