An insult, Usually Meaning Someone Is Stupid Or Clumsy.
Gary You Keenan! You Just Put WD40 Under Your Arms!
by Grubbs Grady February 12, 2008
A really weird kid, never washes his hair, really loud.
Did you see Keenan today? His hair is so disgusting!
by BobbyJohn November 10, 2006
1: Retard
2: Stupidest person ever
3: K'Nan or K'Naynay
K'Naynay (Keenan) is the stupiest, most retarded person ever.
by XFNTFAAOVI January 16, 2010
Often a mixed or black boy Keenan is known to get gyaldem and bang on the opps.He often wears armani or nike and is stingy with money. Most Keenans are kingpin drug dealers or gang members.If you chat shit he will probably pull a 15 inch knife on you.
"Did you hear about that gay yute keenan" Keenan walks in and stabs him while smoking a zoot
by JayFromThe2's June 11, 2018
A person who tells lame jokes.
That guy is a Keenan.
by NiggerFagget0368 February 19, 2018
A person with bad manners, and doesn't know when to shut up, and doesn't know if he's black or white. He has black skin but is white in the inside he has a lebron james hairline and is a fucking retard.
Quit acting like a fucking dipshit Keenan.
by nibba buster October 18, 2017