Jenny: oh my god! Keefe is so hot!
Susan: he's not real jen
by I AM SARCASM July 17, 2020
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The powdery substance made up of THC crystals from the bud of cannabis. It's basically the Cheetos dust that gets left behind on your fingers after finishing a bag of chips, but in this case, with weed.
1: Look at all the keef I collected in my grinder!
2: All mine got stuck on my fingers from piecing the buds.
by ampersand November 13, 2012
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A handsome individual who rejected his humanity and in turn got all the hot babes.
Brian: I know you want to be a Keefe, but that's only a dream. Sometimes you just got to let some dreams go.
Kevin: Shut up Brian, you're just jealous that I'm getting closer to becoming a Keefe.
by CornyRonnie February 20, 2021
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The crystals that fall off really good marijuana.
After I shook that hydro, I had about a gram of killer keefe
by Pilaf May 30, 2008
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a more subtle substitute for "fucked, screwed over or jipped"

1. the position to be in that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems impossible to solve/get out of
1. "Dude, I think Dennis KEEFED his coworkers real good yesterday."
by Hotelbutel March 31, 2016
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Either the crystals off dank marijuana buds or the yellow pollen from the male plants.
The keef blizzy knocked me on my ass last night!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
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Gaelic meaning handsome, noble, gentle, lovable.
"Ach! You're so Keefe, I could just pinch your cheeks: both sets!"
by Elan J February 5, 2010
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