Jenny: oh my god! Keefe is so hot!
Susan: he's not real jen
by I AM SARCASM July 17, 2020
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A handsome individual who rejected his humanity and in turn got all the hot babes.
Brian: I know you want to be a Keefe, but that's only a dream. Sometimes you just got to let some dreams go.
Kevin: Shut up Brian, you're just jealous that I'm getting closer to becoming a Keefe.
by CornyRonnie February 20, 2021
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Gaelic meaning handsome, noble, gentle, lovable.
"Ach! You're so Keefe, I could just pinch your cheeks: both sets!"
by Elan J February 5, 2010
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The 4-eyed asshole that only eats microwaved chicken nuggets and uses up all the ketchup
Kyle: Keefe, why tf do you have nuggets, we made burgers?
Keefe: I’m hungry
by Sox_ June 12, 2021
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Derived from the early Scottish Lord Kevin Keefe who was most known for having the largest recorded number of male sexual parnters to Keefe an individual refers to allowing another male to enter you sexually without protection since there was no form of contraceptives in the early Scottish era.
He eagerly waited for his conquest of the night to Keefe him upon arrival to his bedroom.
by Wayne Sisnero January 18, 2019
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The powdery substance made up of THC crystals from the bud of cannabis. It's basically the Cheetos dust that gets left behind on your fingers after finishing a bag of chips, but in this case, with weed.
1: Look at all the keef I collected in my grinder!
2: All mine got stuck on my fingers from piecing the buds.
by ampersand November 13, 2012
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