to laugh...mostly at somebody. to giggle with a friend, to yourself, "carry on" with someone about something funny; talking it up, laughing on and on about something, that to others, may not be "as" funny
To say Keisha don't like Shawn, they shole were kee-keein the other day at lunch. I knew Eric liked Tee, he got her over there kee-KEEin, don't he?
by TuffEnuff October 29, 2008
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To laugh or chill, mainly used in the gay community
We're gonna kee kee after work today.
by salvatore ferregamo January 06, 2009
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a sexy beautiful pimp that knows how to treat herself and her man
kee kee is kee kee
by Kee Kee January 10, 2004
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A lovable person who is always their by your side when you going through tough times. They will be their 24/7 caring for you to make sure your okay. She will be the best person you could ever meet.
Kee-kee was their for me when I was going through a tough time with my family passing.
by Patas June 29, 2021
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An imbecile that's incapable of doing anything correctly.
See your man Kee Kee over there! He can't do anything he's asked!!
by Míchael December 29, 2017
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