Girl 1:Last night i was with a Keanu
Girl 2:Can u walk?
by Ktran323 December 27, 2018
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Keanu is a guy that no matter how much you try not to love him , he will always be the #1 boyfriend you could ever and have ever had . Not only is he sweet but he's good at talking dirty and getting you to feel better than anyone else could. He is a sweet, caring, and very attractive guy .If you have a Keanu, you are very lucky to have someone so pure and amazing in your life. And If that wasn't enough he is very good when it comes to being romantic especially when no bodies around ;)
Friend: ''Omg you and keanu are so perfect for each other
by Me.myself.and.iiii June 30, 2019
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Keanu's are funny, sensitive guys. They always love a hug. Whenever you walk in Keanu's home you'll see him hitting a 360 no scope on call of duty!
Walk in on Keanu and see him smashing his controller on the TV after hitting a 720 triple swap on call of duty 1
by KiwuPo December 6, 2017
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to be real cool or chill, similiar to high without weed
Man, I hit such a Keanu yesterday.
by FourTwenty420420 November 22, 2010
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