A bitch that will hate your guts for no reason
Wow you just stabbed your best friend in the back? Wtf is you doin? Kayla Spaulding : I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF!
by SirWaffle June 2, 2017
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A scary popped ass whore. Likes it up the ass.

Bitch mad tell that bitch beat me up ?
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1. A person who's life is a lie.
OMG, did you know that my niece is a Kayla Vang
by jenifer garcia December 22, 2017
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two best friends who are the exact same we are the best in the entire world and that’s all you have to know. period
jamie and kayla are hot
by May 8, 2021
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National Kayla Day is where you appreciate all the Kaylas and Makaylas you know.
‘Why is everyone gathering around kayla?’
‘It’s April 17!’
‘Oh its National Kayla Day.’
by Pink.Lemon April 2, 2022
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Lauren and Kayla are Besties and automatically that iconic duo. They are very different But that’s what brings them together. They’re the baddest b***s in their friend group and the prettiest. all the boys are Obsessed with them and always try to talk to them while all the girls are jealous of their good looks. they always spend time together in and out of school. they have a great sense of humor and make everyone hype. they are CRAZY together. they will always be there for each other and never let go of there friendship.
omg there’s Lauren and Kayla!”
by grace bono November 12, 2019
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A girl who loves to scissors girls to collect the cum to use as lube for her diva cup.
I'm boutta commit a dirty kayla.
by March 16, 2022
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