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A nice girl that is pretty has nice brown eyes and hardly wears any make up but she still looks beautiful.Dionne has an amazing body but doesn't like to believe it or flaunt it. people may bitch about Dionne but she always keeps her calm and doesn't sink to there level. sometimes she can be stubborn but she can always be open to compromise. Dionne is the perfect girl, and is loved by everyone. wanted by so many boys but stays faithful to one.
girl one - shes so nice.
girl two - shes such a dionne.
by xddivax October 21, 2010
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Has amazing eyes, quite funny and has lots of friends, popular and hard working, Nice figure and is amazing at lots of subjects (:, also she is very cute and has dimples (:
"Dude see that girl with all her mates?"
"Yeh i do sees such a Dionne!"
"Everyone wants to be a Dionne"
by VintageLOVE. October 17, 2009
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Dionne is a person That Carries Laughter ,Peace And Honest Another Person
Dionne:Your A Wonder Of Joy And A Great Person To Yourself And Others
by BabyissaDoll August 27, 2017
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A nasty ugly looking thing with sores all over her body and wears one nasty jeans all over the place

Tries to steal all her friend's boyfriend because she has low self esteem and uses boys to make her feel better about herself and they all take advantage of her

Tries to make everyone think that shes the shit by being 'hype'

Has a big ass but terrible shape

Is a horrible friend

But good aquaintance

"That girl is so ugly, shes such a Dionne!"

"What's that thing stuck to her foot? I think its supposed to be shoes, ugh shes such a Dionne."
by alaun June 12, 2009
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