A divine queen of heaven and earth,the Ivy League scholar, the achiever, lover of life,the entrepreneur, the doer not a sayer , the rescue momma, my daughters keeper, the believer and the sweetest chocolate.Deserving of all good things in time. Staying prayed up and has no time for DRAMA but always the DIVA.Funny,smart,a beautiful heart and a lover not a fighter.
Dionne-queen of heaven and earth.Diva life.
by Godivaqueen December 27, 2019
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Dionne is a person That Carries Laughter ,Peace And Honest Another Person
Dionne:Your A Wonder Of Joy And A Great Person To Yourself And Others
by BabyissaDoll August 27, 2017
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A cool, relaxed human who knows how to balance a chill disposition with a go-getter attitude. A Dionne is a super hard worker and has a lot of talents, but is super humble about them. Most Dionnes have a lot of charisma and are great with people. They work well in groups and are very supportive of their teammates. Any Dionne is a good listener and an even better friend. Get yourself a Dionne.
Anybody: Having a really crappy day
Dionne: Just existing
Anybody: Holy shit thanks, Dionne!
by goodieboo April 28, 2020
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A nice girl that is pretty has nice brown eyes and hardly wears any make up but she still looks beautiful.Dionne has an amazing body but doesn't like to believe it or flaunt it. people may bitch about Dionne but she always keeps her calm and doesn't sink to there level. sometimes she can be stubborn but she can always be open to compromise. Dionne is the perfect girl, and is loved by everyone. wanted by so many boys but stays faithful to one.
girl one - shes so nice.
girl two - shes such a dionne.
by xddivax October 21, 2010
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Has amazing eyes, quite funny and has lots of friends, popular and hard working, Nice figure and is amazing at lots of subjects (:, also she is very cute and has dimples (:
"Dude see that girl with all her mates?"
"Yeh i do sees such a Dionne!"
"Everyone wants to be a Dionne"
by VintageLOVE. October 17, 2009
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Dionne is a beautiful girl with greenish blue eyes. She is sweet, kind, honest,smart, loving and caring. She is one of the best people you will ever meet. She hides her pain with a smile. And puts other people before herself. She gets straight As in school and diesnt brag about it.
Girl: omg I wish I was Dionne she the best
Girl2 me too! :(
by Adfffffgughh April 30, 2018
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