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<Kuh-tone-ud> - Verb - To persevere well beyond comfortable limits and travel through pain to new vistas of freedom and ability. To surmount incredible obstacles in a warrior like fashion, absent rest and despite languish. To prevail, vanquish, and triumph in a super human manner by transforming pain into intensity of focus.
"Bra! Did you hear about that guy who climbed Everest in bare feet and swimming trunks? He totally katonahed those slopes!"

"Life happened and I was all out of time, so I did a bit of Chi Gong and had a cup of Spring Dragon Gynostemma tea, stayed up all night and Katonahed my entire post doctoral thesis in a mere 14 hours!"

"Those rapscallions had no idea she was disciple of Katonah Yoga, and when they tried to nick her lollipops and bonbons, she prompty Katonahed their asses and left them in a jumbled heap."

"Find yourself in Cat - Cow pose, and turn your right arm out to 3 O'Clock, and then to 6 O'Clock, and then to 9'O'clock listening for the *pop* as your shoulder becomes completely Katonahed."
by Cudd It Back To The J May 23, 2018
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