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Katonah is a hamlet within the town of Bedford, Westchester County, NY. There are two distinct areas of this village - The area to the west of the Metro-North trainline, and the area to the east. The western area is characterized by victorian and contemporary houses all within close proximity to the downtown/village of Katonah (the shopping area along Katonah ave. - home to the train station as well as many boutiques and a few restaurants) and Katonah Elementary School. This area is inhabited mostly by middle and upper-middle class commuters to nearby NYC. Real estate prices are typically in the high hundred thousands depending on location and size (this creeps up towards the low millions as you get closer to downtown). The children of this area mostly attend the public Katonah Elementary School which is part of the Katonah-Lewisboro School District.
The Eastern side of the town has more of a Beford/South Salem feeling to it i.e. the houses are much larger and starting in the low to mid millions, and are separated by woods. Inhabitants are typically upper-middle to upper class Doctors, Lawyers and Executives (some of the famous neighbors being Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren). Many of the children attend either private schools or nearby public schools (usually increase miller or lewisboro elementary school).
These different upbringings produce slightly different attitudes in the children and at the common public John Jay High School it can be observed that graduates of Katonah Elementary School are typically more down to earth than their upper class neighbors.
"You live in Katonah? You must be Loaded!"
"Nah, I'm not from that side of the tracks..."
by exWestchesterite November 18, 2006

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