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Katherine is a girl who loves others so much, that when they don't feel the same or doesn't care, she falls apart. Katherine is a nerd and geek. She's very smart and logical. To strangers, she may be a very polite and smart intellectual. To her friends though, she's loud and sweet and naive and will destroy people who hurt her friends but cries and is defenseless against people who hurt her.

She's beautiful and adorable all at once. She denies it though and underrates herself. She's had many admirers but we herself has fallen in love rarely. When she finds someone she loves, she love them as hard as she can. People fall in love with her kindness, wittiness, sweetness, and way with words. She's logical, kind, cute, and insecure.

People hurt her and abuse her but she never learns. She always breaks her heart again and again. She cries a lot but tells others she's okay and denies any accusations against it. She hurts herself sometimes but keeps it hidden. She acts like she's okay sometimes, but in reality she's broken.

Katherines are usually tan and beautiful with overwhelmingly soft skin. Her eyes are huge. They're usually green or dark brown. They crinkle beautifully when she smiles. Her nose is small and elegant. Her face is often round and full with big, happy cheeks. Katherine's smile is remarkable and gorgeous. She's typically tall and gawky with very small and long arms and legs.

Katherine will love you and never let you go.
"Hey, is that Katherine? She's very popular."
"She's the nicest, prettiest, smartest girl you will ever meet!"
by LovelyDisaster December 02, 2018

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A Zoe is special, creative, amazing, and important in every way. She's special and unique by loving everyone. She cares about everyone's opinions and is very open-minded. She's beautiful and all around a perfect, well rounded person. She's amazing and sweet. Even when times are tough and you would probably break with pressure in that situation, she finds a way out! She plays an important role in your life and teaches you valuable lessons. Don't let her go or someone else will get her.
Girl 1: How are you so calm?
Zoe: I take a breath in and think optimistic thoughts and see her point of view.
Girl 2: Wow. How can someone be so perfect?
Girl 1: Because she isn't trying, she's just being herself and understanding everyone. She's being herself and herself is perfect.
Girl 2: True...
by LovelyDisaster December 06, 2018

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A person who does not understand references to popular music, trends, or vines.
Me: Stop you almost made me stop my spaghett!
Girl: What?
Me: It's a vine you uncultured swine! Thank u, next.
Girl: Is that supposed to be a reference to something?
Me: Then I yeet away! *yeets away*
Girl: What is wrong with her?
by LovelyDisaster December 13, 2018

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