Awesome and really cute girl, even though she wont let you tell her. Has a really cute voice and an awesome sense of humor; is probably the perfect girl for any really funny and awesome guy.
Me: hey have you met that cute katherine girl?
Justin: yeah man she's awesome.
Ket: you guys know i'm in the call right..?
by Kirbytnnf December 25, 2014
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An awesome person to be around. Has an amazing sense of humor and has the best personality. Will become a good friend with anyone. Katherine's are great students to get all A's and are AMAZING at playing soccer.
WHOA!!! She is a Katherine!!
by Master at Aliases123 June 02, 2012
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Most amazing girl ever. I want to go out with her so bad. She makes me laugh. She never gets out of my head. 1 out of 10 she's a 100. She is f***ing beautiful/sexy. nice ass nice figure. You have an awesome personality anyone will be lucky to go out with u
by Say yes November 22, 2013
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A person who is perfect, smart, thoughtful and always cares about others.
Your a Katherine
by qzwxecrvtbynumiadgj February 20, 2016
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an angel, a princess, your boo, someone special to you, and a perfect person
you're such katherine
by Desmond Koo December 28, 2007
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An unforgettable girl who will be on your mind forever and always. Possibly the prettiest girl you will ever be lucky enough to see. She will make you happier than ever when you're with her, she makes it seem like everything in your life is perfect. She's the most adorable girl you will see and she's always happy, laughing and smiling. She has an awesome personality, extremely funny, and will always leave you with a smile on your face. She deserves the absolute best out of life, it would be a shame of she receives anything less. The time you have with her will be the time of your life so when you have the opportunity to be with her, don't waste it or you will regret it. She's the most perfect girl you will meet so be thankful if you ever get to be with her.
Bob: Dude, you're going out with Katherine?!
Derick: Yeah bro, I'm the luckiest man in the world!
by Lil'Bean13 January 18, 2012
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a name used for the most pretty girl in in all cities towns and villages. usually has a good body and loves to party and chill...at the same time ;)
"OMG is that the Katherine of Chicago??"
"OMG ive never seen her in person before, just in the newspaper!"
" OK man lets go ask her to that party on Saturday!"
by gleefan22 December 04, 2011
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