Katherine is beautiful, even tho she hates when people tell her. The smallest things make her days and shes deffinently not a little whore. She has many friends, but she hates being friends with them. She has fallen in love, but that's the thing that is stooping her. When she does like someone, she will show it, and she loves affection. If you don't show her affection, she might not show any back. She loves people who make her feel special. And she loves working for things. Sometimes she can be a bitch but, in general shes pretty amazing. She gets hurt easily, and has stooped caring about people. She wants a boyfriend, but she doesnt tell anyone anymore. She wants to love, but she is waiting for the guy to come and love her. Katherine is special. Wish I was her.
Katherine: Yes?
Katherine: No i'm not (blushes)
by Dylan1234 September 27, 2011
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A somewhat smart girl who relies on her best friend a lot of the time. She can be jelous at times, but doesnt let it show. She has been through a lot of hard times, but will always stay strong. She is a very reliable friend and will always be there for others. Katherine's are usually girls with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Oh, and Katherines are giggly and will laugh at EVERYTHING. If you have a hard time getting people to laugh at your jokes, get a friend names Katherine, she will make you feel better about your bad jokes.
Person 1: Hey look a fly!
by Maria loves boys June 26, 2011
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Beautiful and kind hearted girl, you will have to do all you can to make sure she is yours.

Quiet but once you get to know her she is all you will ever need, gorgeous brown hair and magnificent eyes, with a body which will drive any sane man into insanity.`
She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside also, she tends to worry over silly things but with support she will get though anything.

If you find a Katherine never let go <3.
Thats stunner over there, u see her? Thats Katherine she is amazing if u ever get to be with her never let her go <3
by wirdo1234 March 11, 2011
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a katherine is a sweet hearted girl who cant be faulted. She will always have her eyes open to help the ones that need it; stunning on both the inside and out! Katherine's wont notice their own spectacular points however to every passer by they stand out like a bright light. The world can seem hard for Katherine's sometimes but a break is coming their way!
by ilovericecake February 04, 2010
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Katherine will wake up the magic in you. She sees your good qualities and uses them as examples to make herself better. However, she’s already perfect. It’s not that she always gets it right, but she’s humble enough to always seeking to do better. As a result, she’s too hard on herself. The best thing you can do for Katherine is take the pressure off. Her intentions are pure. If you give her the space to grow she will never disappoint. She is most likely a remnant if God’s grace on Earth.
I saw Katherine smiling today and it washed my sins away.
by ToyotaBuyer April 21, 2019
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Katherine is a Latin name. Katherine is the most sexy and a bit freaky person you will ever meet. Their shy at first but once you get to know them they are the chatterbox. You are lucky if you meet a Katherine.
“Katherine is so hot
by Livelovefree October 20, 2019
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