A way to say "kinda late", in shorten terms.

(the k from kinda & the ate from late)
Hey, you were kate to the party last night.
by kittykat2012 January 24, 2009
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A variation on the names "Kate," "Katy," and "Katie."

A name that describes the coolest girl you will ever meet.
Boy: Hey Kates, you're really awesome.
Kates: Yeah, I know.
by KaelleB February 24, 2009
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Kate means pure and is the perfect name for a pure little girl sweet as can be.
via giphy
by CookieSafira April 23, 2017
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The best friend a person could have. She is the nicest girl on Earth. She will help you when you have a problem and when you have to talk to someone. When you tell her a secret she would never tell anyone else. She will always listen to you and give you the best advice to help you out. If she hasn't been through what you're going through she'll still help you as best she can. She has a little rant every now and then but you will find it to be funny. She doesn't care what other people say about her. She just lives her life. Kate is a beautiful, funny, caring, and nice girl and she is the best girl someone could ever become friends with.
Bill: You see that girl over there? That's Kate.

Bob: Wow. She must be amazing
by gfeayent April 04, 2012
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The most wonderful, funniest, prettiest, amazing girl ever. Kate is beautiful on the inside and outside and always will stick by you. She is very talented and loves being active. She is a unicorn. you can always find her talking or laughing. She likes guys named Cooper. Any guy would be grateful to date Kate.
Kate: Woo! Lets go ride unicorns!
Andrea: Okay!
*Flies off to another dimension*

Kate + Cooper
by Katesbestfriend September 14, 2011
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a kate is a common word used to describe an irish wannabe whore who wishes she was a stoner. she may come out with stupid/random sayings that bear no relation to the conversation just to be a random emo. she is two faced and will not tell you she dislikes you, preferring to express this on the back of bathroom doors, along with many silly untalented drawings of bongs that exhibit how hardcore she is. she wants to have a name for herself as being a whore but actually she can only score little virgin boys bcoz she has (eternally) greasy hair and a jewish nose. also she thinks she is a talented artist but she can only draw shitty little manga/emo/mushrooom pics.
kate: oh my god guys, i totally wana get stoned off my face, i'll go get some of that hardcore shit from the head shop

other: oh kate, you're so random. after this you wanna go write shit on bathrooms?
by ihkaiiwutmiwphiah May 21, 2009
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