Katara is a girl who is strong in one of the most motherly ways. She has a particular knack for solving problems, and is most likely being seen around people less mature than her. Her strong desire to do what’s right sometimes can blind her from what’s really important.
hey, Katara, can you help me with this?”
by dvnt32 May 28, 2020
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A main character on the Nickelodeon anime-influenced show Avatar: The Last Airbender. A determined female waterbender of the the Southern Water Tribes who, along with her brother Sokka, try to help the Avatar save the world.
1.)Danng!!! That Katara can sure bend some water!

2.)Bet you $5 Katara's gonna beat his arse with the "water whip".

3.)"You were right", said Liz to her friend. "Aang and Katara are SO gonna get together!". ^_^

4.)It is mildly disturbing to go on an Avatar forum and read about the fanboys' insatiable lust for Katara.
by a. bamma December 2, 2006
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A girl who hates her name because she can’t look up what her name means because it is a fucking airbender
Katara is pissed she has to make her own name a definition
by F-all-yall March 31, 2020
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That water bitch that whines bout her mom
“I’m katara and my mom died during the war.”
by Give_me_your_Soul May 7, 2021
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sexiest girl ever. will make girls come in under 1 second
holy cow! is that katara! shit i came
by balllover69 November 23, 2021
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the hottest girl alive. makes u cum in under a second. gets all the hoes
holy cow! katara! i came...
by balllover69 November 23, 2021
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