Not 100% real. Fake.
Orgin: New Orleans
Made Popular by soulja slim
That water whipped boy Andrew Placid stood on the side while his friends were gettin jumped
by MiC check August 21, 2005
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When you put your missus head into the sink with the water running... and then you FUCK HER
Last night the missus was talking smack, so I water whipped it.
by Scrooge McKik September 19, 2018
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Often misinterpreted with cooking crack. Truly means that a person is using a wave runner to its fullest potential.
Phil was water whipping through the Atlantic Ocean.
by Huhwhathuhwhat September 08, 2016
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A fluffy clear substance that is refreshingly delicious that tastes of light, fluffy, cold nothingness, with the tag line “Whipped Water: It Sure Is Whipped!”
“Hey dude, can I get your moms recipe for Whipped Water?” Or “Whipped Water is not a euphemism for jizz.”
by RicketyZicketySplit July 12, 2021
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