Kase is a short term for Kick A Salty Egg or a name for a stripper
Person's sister:What I only kicked a salty egg
by Xx.Apple_Sauce.xX November 10, 2019
Super smart girl, brilliantly hot, and fun to be with. Can make anyone laugh, is always smiling. Constantly drunk, holds psychopathic tendency towards things that deserve it. Cant stand not knowing the answer to something. Head bitch in charge, always wears the crown in a situation. A fighter. People wish they were as cool as Kasee, and want to be her everyday of their lives.
by thisssisthewayyilivee December 11, 2010
1). Something fucked up to the extreme
2). Abnormal condition of your cat

the car got kased after it bounced off a couple of trees.

your cat is so kased its not even funny!
by Zappo November 30, 2005
Your typical fat ass that will do anything to steal your Uno reverse cards cards, watch out for these as they might throw wild Jaxsons at you.
I was playing Uno with a KaSee Cruz when his wild pet Jaxson attacked my and he stole all the Uno reverse cards.
by The Man Guy Jaxs Person December 13, 2019