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A gentleman usually 21 or older (19 and up in Canada) that is in a bar enjoying his alcoholic beverage of choice that is being hit on by a woman typically 35 and up that may or may not have a few kids and some extra baggage.
Wow man you got so drunk last night that cougar mauled you. Way to be Cougar Bait.
by Avran LeFeber June 30, 2006
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A cute young man (usually under 25 but there are exceptions) who possesses all the qualities most desired by a cougar in a mate, youth and a certain naivete about women, being the most important. He is the sort of guy who walks into a bar with his buddies and immediately has all the cougars buying him drinks and trying to pick him up. He does not go out looking for cougars in bars (he is trying to impress some girl next door he knows from his philosophy class) but for some reason always ends up with one. His buddies probably find this very amusing.
With his boyish good looks and innocent charm Johnny was walking cougarbait at the local bar.
by walmart is the antichrist March 01, 2007
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Adj. A male who seeks the affections of mature women exclusively (see Cougars). Syn. Milfbait
Joe won't date a woman under 40, he's hardcore cougarbait.
by JRSLim June 19, 2009
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A male 17+ that has over sized arms and shoulders that has low
or "adjustable" standards. Usually heard uttering the phrase "who am I to deny that hot older broad pleasure?"
Aston Moore or any other young, fit male would be cougar bait would be subject to a Cougar Prey MILF yummy mummy
by Scott Dill June 20, 2006
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Young single men who flaunt their sexuality while trying to hook up with young single women when in actuality they end up taking home a cougar.
Dude here comes that woman sitting at the end of the bar. Your cougar bait.
by johnjack October 29, 2003
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Usually from the south eastern parts of Europe. Particularly, Serbia: Older women globally tend to stalk these prey as it seems to be their favorites. As more of the "cougars" become power in political offices the cougar bait may be influential position to influence the European world take over.
Filip is a real peice of cougar bait.
by Chris M Davis May 03, 2007
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