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The most beutiful girl you will meet. she has beutiful long hair and her skin is soft and perfectly toned kasandra is the prettiest girl I have ever meet
by Northern pike May 14, 2015
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shes beautiful,sexy,has the softest skin.Can melt your heart when she smiles.Don't lose her,keep her.Shes very special,she has the cutest smile.She gives you butterflies.Don't flirt with another girl if u like her or you will lose her.She can be a badass,a bitch,but she can be very kind.She always puts people first.Shes very emotional she might smile alot but shes hurt inside.Don't break her.She has beautiful long hair.All the guys fall inlove with her.If u pay attention you will see other guys flirting with her or trying to look at her or be next to her,so take her before shes someones.Shes the most beautiful girl you will see.She has the greatest style.She can be a bitch if you hurt her or if you are mean to her tho.Don't get on her bad side.If you had to choose between her and someone else pick her.She doesn't think shes beautiful,so many people say to her but she doesn't believe it.She also doesn't know why guys love her.
A:you're beautiful
Kasandra:no i am not
by Btsloverforever September 29, 2018
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An intelligent, young at heart, but serious when it's called for lady...not a broad, dame, or chick...a lady. Usually has long flowing hair and beautiful skin that make you wonder if she was a Greek goddess in another life. Loves children, animals and nature and is as comfortable in a garden as in the big city. Men love her...she is the girl next door and more!
Kasandra is fierce!
My girlfriend is a Kasandra, she's got it goin' ON!
by Marshallkell February 04, 2010
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1. a girl who does the same thing over and over again and wonders why it happens.

2. a girl who falls for the same bullshit over and over again whilst wondering why the same drama is happening to her, when she actually has full control of the situation and knows how to end it.
a - omgggg my boyfriend is such an inconsiderate asshole who stomps all over me!
b - isn't this like the 45th time you've said that? dump him if you're so over it.
a - i cant! he says he'll change and stop!!
b - sooooooooo kasandra.
by xoxo_chandler September 05, 2008
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