When someone interrupts you in the middle of something important. You're just trying to say your thing and someone has to go and be all drunk, drama queen on your ass.
"Im so excited for winning this award. Its my first ...."

"Hey man Im just want to say that ..."

"DUDE! Stop Kanyeing me!"
by Todd N'Erection September 15, 2009
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Adj. The act of Kanyeing:

When you try and make a good point about an important subject but your hubris-overweening-pride and inability to say anything without your foot flying into your mouth fucks it all up.
"I was Kanyeing the shit out of that speech I just gave"

"Did you hear what that retard Julian was Kanyeing about last night"

Kanyeing is saying

When you really mean
"I am amazing at what I do and people like me"

Kanyeing is saying
"George Bush don't like black people"

When you really mean
"The Republican Party, with George Bush as it's leader has turned a blind eye to the plight of the low-income people of color in the country. They didn't care about black folks before the levees broke, and the continued to not care about them even after the levees broke.

Kanyeing is saying
"I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things. So when the next little girl that wants to be, you know, a musician and give up her anonymity and her voice to express her talent and bring something special to the world, and it’s time for us to roll out and say, ‘Did this person have the biggest thing of the year?’ — that thing is more fair because I was there.”

When you really mean
"I would like to think that my contribution to music has a lasting effect, and that I will inspire children to produce the most amazing art that they are able to"
by dogmaticequation December 16, 2013
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“No Kanye” Is a phrase that can be used towards anyone who wants to be ahead of themselves or rush into something and then regret it later. A person who claims they know or created something, but they don’t have the blueprint or proof to back it up. Then they look like a Jackass later.
Yo homie! You don't wanna make yourself look like an idiot, chill out...No Kanye!
by Sugah Kookie September 16, 2009
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to steal another person's moment of acknowledgment, spotlight, and attention by interrupting them as they are talking
Kanye West taking the microphone and voicing his opinions during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Bill interrupting Chris' science presentation by standing in front of him and saying, "I think your presentation is lame, and I like butterflies." (Bill busted a "Kanye")
by robbytharobot September 14, 2009
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Sexual Act:
When having sex with a girl, right before she is about to orgasm you say to her: "Hey im going to let you finish, but my ex-girlfriend had one of the best orgasms of all time."
The Kanye:
Girl: "Im Coming, Im Coming"
Boy: "Im going to let you finish, but my ex-girlfriend had one of the best orgasms of all time."
by J4H5 October 10, 2010
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To be a complete dick to someone right to their face.
Jim: Hey dude I just got a promotion, raise, and some really hot babe was checking me out.

Frank: Dude like I care, the same thing happened to you in high school except she broke up with you cause you had a small dick.

Andy: Wow Frank, way to Kanye it...
by Sypos September 14, 2009
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A way to tell someone to stop doing something
Girl: OMG I love this Taylor Swift song!! I am going to play it on repeat!!!!
Boy: Kanye not?
by jenz914 October 16, 2015
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