What you classify yourself as when you fade away.
"I'll fade away an classify myself as obsolete."
by The Obsolete Muuule August 2, 2017
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Something that is so old that no one feels the need to use it anymore; see old school or cavemen for more information.
ex. 1: The stubborn man decided to go to work by driving a 1908 Model-T Ford, which was so obsolete that it literally had to be cranked.
by Flaminghorse January 9, 2019
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A time-released function on all technology (especially PCs) that activates itself right after you buy the device.
by Skeptic One July 24, 2003
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To obsoletize poisoning non-smokers, Charles Knows invented a Safe Smoking Lounges (SSLs) and got permission to erect it on Coney Island Beach to see how many smokers used it voluntarily. SSL's have a solar-powered ceiling fan which blows cigarette smoke up a chimney to the atmosphere to prevent the cigarette smoke from injuring non-smokers.
by but for February 16, 2019
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"We want to sell you a new one."
That P4 is only 1.2 GHz? How do you get anything done on that obsolete pile?
by nevets February 10, 2005
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1. Your computer for work
2. Caused by Windows
SAFETY MANUAL TIP #1: Do not sit near obsolete computers
SAFETY MANUAL TIP #2: If your computer is not obsolete, install Windows
by Lusterveil April 27, 2004
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