Asian English slang it means talking and bantering without fear of the admin or getting blocked.
“You can’t speak Kanto.” “What?” “I mean here we are just into this convo and you’re talking about blocking me.”
by hellhound_83 March 26, 2019
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this beautiful name is dedicated for a beautiful person ,beautiful heart and beautiful soul.

A person named Kanto may look hard on the outside because she/he went through so many difficult situations.

But if you are lucky enough to be a part of Kanto's circle friend , you will notice that he/she is a source of light and blessings.

Don't judge too fast from what she/he reflects at the first sight.

Kanto is full of love , joy , happiness .

Having access to Kanto is rare and that's because they are called "perle rare" .
Kanto is like the moon . She is so beautiful, she shines and she only just have few friends , but oh how happy i am to be a part of her life.
by Angelinou November 22, 2021
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An amount of time, never in the near future, but also very soon. Sometimes will come with a planned day that will be missed. Longer than a New York minute, but shorter than the heat death of the universe. Similar to blizzard's Soontm However far less certain.
We've been waiting for the dundees for a Kantos minute.
by RNGinxed June 6, 2019
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my doggy was so hungry he ate like a bitch, he ate like a Kanto.
by Yogurtpot February 5, 2009
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1)The large strip of land between Viridian City and the Indigo Plateau.
2)The place you need to go through to battle the Elite Four.
Kanto Victory Road: Where boys and Pikachus enter and fully bearded men and Raichus emerge.
by Fruit toast December 27, 2011
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Emily is that one person who is sooo perfect, and sooo skilled, and sooo flawless, that you kind of want to hate them. But you can't help but like them!
Person 1: uggghhh. Emily Kanto won ,AGAIN, she is so good at everything!
Person 2: yeah! I want to hate her, but it's impossible!
by TheRealTruth👩🏽 May 6, 2017
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