Kanna, Genus name Sceletium tortuosum, is a succulent groundcover which produces showy white flowers with threadlike petals. Its fermented roots and leaves were chewed by the Hotentot tribe of S. Africa as a vision-inducing entheogen and inebriant. The plant contains mesembrine, though the pharmacology of kanna is not fully understood.
Kanna is the righ Sedative to smoke for me!
by Nicholas Roberts March 31, 2008
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The first incarnation of Naraku, she appears to be a little girl with white cloths, hair and glazed over eyes. She is a demonic empty vessel,so she has no soul or emotions. This makes her seem really scary, about the scariest villian in the show Inuyasha. She attacks with a mirror that can also absorb the souls of her others, a favorite pastime of hers. Unlike her younger sister Kagura, She is very loyal to her father/master Naraku.
by J April 23, 2005
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1) where you disappear without any warning

2) to have unfinished business

3) to talk about what you been doing but make no sense
dude your doing the kanna,

your the kanna
now thats a kanna
by kannas mate September 04, 2009
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