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The most beautiful, sweet, and loving girl god ever created.
Kamala is the love of Derek's life.
by Derek January 08, 2004
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hottest girl out. her milkshakes bring all dem' boys to the yard. jose's lucky to have her .
damn her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, she must be a kamala!
by annabeth-niccol October 01, 2011
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A whore that pleasures men 30 years their senior for political gain. Usually is a member of the Democratic party.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just another Kamala. How many old dudes did she blow to get into office?
by BlizzardBoyWNY January 30, 2019
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1) ka-ma-la, a.k.a. k-bomb, the pooper
the most amazing loving best dog that ever was. a love junkie that loves slippin me the tongue.
2) the female in herman hesse's siddhartha
3) lotus flower; perfection
mommy loves you kamala, do whachu gotta do!
by dana blu April 20, 2005
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when a women, usually of Carribean decent, takes you home after a long day of work, washes and cleans you, then licks your ass hole! When you are done, you must then exclaim..."Ah, that was Beautiful!".
She picked me up at the airport took me home and gave me a Kamala! It was Beautiful!
by big matty astill April 24, 2006
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