1. Dismissing an action from one's attention
2. To be done, or finished with a situation.

Similar to "I'm washing my hands of the situation"
"Yo Jordan, did you hear about the test grades?! The average was below a 40%."

"Yea, I'm wiping my ass of that one. This class beats calculus though"
by Urban yahtzee April 19, 2018
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When you can perform a task with no difficulties
Dude I'm stuck with maths can you help?
Yeah cool, let me wipe my ass with it.
by Genial1232 April 18, 2015
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Covering your bros ass while he clears a room of any sort of enemy. Primarily used in conjunction with Resident Evil 5's many Majini zombies. Can be used with any sort of 2-player co-op shooter game. Phrase coined during one of many bro days.
Italian Stallion: Bro, im going to get the last time bonus. Wipe my Ass!

Korean Bronco: You got it bro. Ass wiping in 5,4,3,2,1... go
by KoreanBronco March 4, 2010
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Telling someone to wipe your ass to disrespect them. If that motherfucker decides to do so, he a fuckin slave suckin dicks on groove street probably for some gay ass losers.
Yo that nigga wipe my ass, i disrespected his ass in front of whole crowd. I heard his bitch ass been hangin out with gays, not a suprise.
by Fuckerhaha November 13, 2019
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When someone helps you out/ something good happens.
Josh really wipes my ass when he sends me the answers to the ENED homework.
by The Appliance Guy March 23, 2021
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