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Is a kind and loving person who is fair and loyal, she always looks on the bright side of things! She is beautiful but doesn't always see it. If you are lucky enough to have a Kalla she will love you like you have never been loved before!
Kalla is a kind shy girl.
by Fartpoopdoody April 5, 2019
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Ahh, Kalla. The girl who is insecure about her looks to impress her lovers. She can persuade anyone into sex. When somebody looks at this gal, they automatically fall in Love.
(In school)
Evan: look at that hotty! If only she wasn’t so shy.

Ryan: that’s Kalla. She will look at you and you’ll be left dead.

E: damn.

R: Damn is right
by Dilly Duck May 24, 2018
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A super cute prostitutewho has powers of innocent seduction, and she also uses her superhuman krumping powers to seduce innocent men...and women.
'Have u seen that crazy krumping bitch'
'Yeah she is sooo cute, and yet strangely sexual'
'Her name is Kalla'
by ticktock love k-space September 5, 2008
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greek word meaning all's good. our english o.k stems from this.
how u doing?
olla kalla
by les March 2, 2005
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Olla Kalla is Greek for "all good". It has nothing to do with our O.K. that stood for "all correct," spelled just for fun as "oll korrect," born in the 1830s.
how u doing?
olla kalla
by AW Read May 1, 2007
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this word is greek for all's good this is were our modern o.k comes from.
Guy 1:how you doing, bitch
Guy 2:Olla kalla, man
Guy 1:WTF?
by Les Pretend February 28, 2005
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the term used to define a hidden sex partner. Derives from two words in the Tamil language. Kalla meaning hidden or sneaky and Ole meaning sex or fucking. Is also known as K.O.
I Kalla Ole'd fucked a girl last night. or I K.O'ed fucked a girl last night.
by Kalla Ole King December 14, 2009
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