Kaja Kallas is the primer minister of the republic of Estonia. She is beautiful, she is liberal that’s why Estonia is the most digitalised country and it has a great future ahead unless it gets annexed by Russia I hope not.
Kaja Kallas is the president of Estonia.
Kaja Kallas is the head of the Reformierakond party.
by Tzar Peeter November 23, 2021
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A sneaky brat . The word is of srilankan origin - made popular by the Nadarajah's who expressed compassion to their grand children in this way.
by Gopz April 12, 2005
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A phrase or statement that you say out of the blue. Can also be variated into malla halla kalla, halla kalla malla, and so on!
by Ben December 21, 2004
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1 couple who is meant to be and they always ft and text and make sure one another are ok. They love eachother unconditionally and sometimes they have there ups and downs they fight through it. Kaden has brown eyes black eye brows and brown her and kalla has brown her brown eyes and she's really pretty and she wears glasses. Kalla and kaden are meant to be.
Kalla and kaden are meant to be.
by Kalla and kaden November 26, 2018
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@thenameisYash the man who Ran away from his Village by Taking village poor people Money , and settled in Banglore
Cheeti Kalla
by BucketBoos January 28, 2021
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