Kalahari is the act of one grounding up marijuana and cocaine with a large stick while chanting random sounds and gibberish to a repetitive beat until a green/white powder is achieved.

Then, the powder is proceeded to be slowly poured into a glass of liquor as the surrounding audience chants louder and the beat (clapping, african drums, etc.) gets louder as well.

Once the liquid consisting of liquor (preferably vodka), cocaine, and marijuana residue is mixed and seems homogenous, the beverage is split between the audience to more random shouts resembling monkey noises.

After the drink is consumed, the participants will resume to speaking normal English (or the local language) and sit down and watch the Lion King.

The preparing of the liquid coupled with a viewing of the Lion King is the origin of the term "Kalahari." It will be the craziest night of your life.
John: Duuuuude, let's Kalahari tomorrow with our buddies!
Dave: I don't know man, that's pretty effing sketch.

John: Duuuuude, it will be so much fun! It's always been my dream to be butt raped by Pumba!
Dave: Dooood, sounds effing awesome! Lets do it!
John: Kalahari we shall! We shuold get your mom to join us!
Dave: Yeaaa duuude, surf's up bro.
by Kalamario January 18, 2012
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The term given for one who like to go down and eat out women who have a rather large bush, and enjot it
"Yeah, So I hear uncle Jun is Bushman of the Kalahari"
by Jeff Heywood August 08, 2005
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Used in the late '80s and early '90s to identify a car which was not that great. These normally referred to rust buckets that students used as transport.
by Mr Ken December 18, 2009
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A place where only the cool couples can get the dirty work in. Maybe brushing of the teeth or cleansing of the bunghole
Alex: Hey ken and kris why dont you go brush your teeth in the kalahari bathroom?
Ken: What a great idea! lets go Kris
by SWAGGERMCNUGGETmaster456 February 26, 2014
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The act of exposing, and thereafter swinging the scrotum very vigorously from front to back. This is done especially after one has asserted a dominant position over another, or claimed victory.

It can also be used to embellish, or overemphasize, a statement.
Kevin "Ryan really laid the smack down on Big Rob at work yesterday after he refused to pick up his cardboard."

John "Most definitely, the best part was when he went full Kalahari Style over him. He really showed him who's the boss!"
by Hawaiian Big Dawg January 13, 2020
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