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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Nice, funny, cute, and fit. Great at making other people feel happy. She's always fun to hangout with and knows how to have a good time! And so gorgeous! She is a mix of the perfect personality, the perfect looks, and the perfect life. If you ever meet a Kailynn, don't let her go.
Oh! You must be talking about Kailynn!
by BOOMBABY123456789 March 03, 2011
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One of a kind girl, sexy, smart, can be kind of ditzy at times but that's what people love about her. She gets along with almost everyone and is such a loving person. Usually a brunette. She is always up to do anything fun; she's an adrenalin junkie. Can't stand bitches and great in bed!
Last night was incredible, I love you Kailynn!
Kailynn was about to kick that girls ass.
I can't watch the game tonight I got a hot date with Kailynn.
by hello-yellowjelloh January 03, 2011
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probably the thickest girl in your grade, she's the hottest girl out their. she can beat any bitch up. she's been through a lot of shit, doesn't cry in front of people like a pussy and she stands up for her self. usually short but the cutest. these girls tend to be gingers but they will deny it.
"oh my god, Kailynn is so hot I wanna bang her"
"look at her ass its huge"
"is that real"
"Kailynn beat that bitch up yesterday"
by igotcaught May 13, 2018
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Ugly,fat,dumb,stupid bitch no one wants nobody likes her ,sherm, annoying and boring person to hang out with , kills the mood if u meet a kailynn don’t be friends with her you will immediately regret it
“ i hate kailynn
“Your dating kailynn why she’s so ugly
by Uglybeast2270 December 09, 2018
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