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Kailene is a name given to the most wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny, just all around perfect girl. She brightens everyone's day with just her smile & laugh. She gives you the motivation that you need to get through your day. She is the person that will make your heart pound uncontrollably. If you ever get ahold of a "Kailene", never let her go
Guy 1: "Damn! I see you got a Kailene!"

Guy 2: "Yeah! She's perfect"
by ThatOneGuy6423 December 21, 2013
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A cute smart non average but in a good way type of girl.she like long walks on the beach especially at night ;.She loves stuff :D.And shes cool like that.ILOVEKAILENE.She loves animals. mostley penguins and whales and,purple,white,and teal are her colors ;.thats mostly whats up home skillet buiscut hahaha.
Kailene :D!
by arjhay :] <3 June 25, 2009
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Kailene is definitely the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. From her hair, to her smile. She’ll have you tripping over her regardless. She’s the most chilled, most humble and most loyal person around. If you have a Kailene in your life, don’t let her go!

Kailene is short. But she’s adorable. She has a body of a goddess. And will have every passer-by drooling.

Kailene is absolutely perfect. She is the type of girl that you take home to meet your parents. She’s the type of girl that you brag to your friends about. She’s the type of girl that you can talk about for hours on end and never get tired. She’s the type of girl to make other girls wish they were just as beautiful, just as smart and just as amazing as Kailene. But Kailene is also the type to stay by your side through thick and thin. And that’s what I love. Just to know that “she got you bro”

Kailene will turn your world upside down. She’ll take whatever knowledge you ever had on love and change it completely. Because she knows things.

Her smile will brighten the darkest of days. She burns as bright as the stars and she will always be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kailene is the type to ruin other girls for you. Because none of them will be as great as Kailene. You will use Kailene as the benchmark and nobody shall pass it. And I mean “nobody”.

Kailene also has the cutest toes in the world. No lie, It’s been proven by science.
Random stranger : Damn! Take a look at the toes on that girl!

Random stranger 2 : That isn’t just any girl mate. That’s Kailene.
by Omg.Its.Michael. June 16, 2018
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the kindest and cutest girl you'll every meet she is short she likes shy people and creative guys she is the popular one who everyone stares at but she's got her eyes on one guy but is too shy also to ask him she acts timid to seduce her crush who she hides behind and acts super cute for
Guy1: hey there's Kailene
Guy2: who's that with her?
Guy1: that's her boyfriend
Guy2: dang she's so hot though
Gay1: she'd never date you your too cool she likes cute
Guy1: fu
by RealLifeStalkerM8 September 06, 2018
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