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Kailen: Means "Mighty Warrior" in Irish. Fun loving, caring human being with a love for life and others. Excels in sports and personality.
personality, Kailen
by His Mommy, I love you K April 27, 2011
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A very nice and loyal friend, Very funny and outgoing. Kinda smart but he pulls it off with his looks, Kailen is very trustworthy and a great friend
Girl 1: Wow who’s that guy😍
Girl2:I believe that’s kailen
by cute person. December 17, 2019
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A dog that is so ugly it can be mistaken for a naked mole rat.
dude 1: Hey bro, did you ask rodent control to come to my house?
dude 2: Yeah you had a rat in your basement.
dude 1: That's not a rat, thats just my kailen.
by hankhemmingway February 15, 2018
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a guy who can be really nice but can also be an asshole. he changes his mind so often that its hard to keep up. he is suspected to be gay but definetly isn't. kailen is really funny and he has extremely curly hair! people say that he's as straight as his hair
girl 1: omg that guy is such a kailen! he keeps changing his mind
girl 2: well i kinda like him
by WhatTimeIsIt May 14, 2011
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A guy who is so gay that everyone looks at him and can tell. He’s friends with all the popular girls and they don’t really like him. He’s hot, and girls who can’t tell he’s gay have crushes on him. Everyone makes fun of him but he makes fun of them back. He types in lowercase and only likes guys who are hot and straight. the only person he’s dated was ugly.
girl 1: i think my boyfriend is a kailen

girl 2: i hate to say it but he probs is
by pepppaaaa August 03, 2019
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Kailen barnes is a man slag. Gets with 4 girls in a week basically. Little gimp, would get banged
Kailen is a bad gimp
by Jamie big cock December 23, 2018
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