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An object that is used for describing a toy gentlemen and a chubby brown bear. Not much knowledge but the progressing. Kaifs are rare to find, so when you do never let go.
I want a kaif for Christmas

I want to hug a kaif because it is so chubby
by Ily__❤️ January 02, 2018
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King of kings. A person that is unpredictable and capable of surprising you any moment. Their creativity and ability to create a spark in any situation makes them a born leader no matter what the situation.
He really acted like a kaif in that game.

He will grow up to be a kaif one day.
by kingkong91 April 28, 2011
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A person who is always there for everyone and the most loyal of people. But people take advantage of them and never really appreciate who they have.
I wish we all had a kaif in our lives.
by Crazy Beast!!! March 11, 2017
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A sexually appealling woman who knows it, with small amounts of clothing, can also be used as plural
1. "Hey mate, check out the Kaif at 3 o'clock"
2. "KAIF!!!!" said loudly to attract other male collegues
by Paul sykes May 12, 2006
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