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If you are in a red car and you pass another car, you are obligated to flash your headlights and yell "Kachow!" Or when you get into a car accident.

Yes my dude
Guy One: I just ran over that homeless man.
Guy Two: Dude, you forgot to say "Kachow!"
Guy One: Shit, I'll get it right this time, hang on.
by FaZe Pvssyslayer September 19, 2017
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When you're about bust a nut in her mouth and whisper in her ear "kachow."
Becky: *Sucking Juan*
Juan: *about to bust a nut and whispers in her ear* "kachow"
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by StultifiedJohnny July 25, 2017
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a word used by the sexiest living creatures on the earth
“once he broke out the ‘kachow’ i was turned on for hours”

“yeah lightning mcqueen is fucking sick
by ghostlyswoosh July 18, 2018
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Also commonly referred to the classic catchphrase of the notorious "Lightning McQueen", kachow is a term that is used as a reference to when a man sneezes while taking a piss resulting in a "KACHOW". A kachow can only be avoided if the victim starts to force his piss stream to a higher PSI, or just holding in the sneeze.
Jim: Kachowwww!
Debbie: (walks into bathroom) What Jim?
Jim: I fucking sneezed while pissing, what else would it be?
Debbie: Kachow?
Jim: Fuck you Debbie, no one likes you.
by BLACKDADDY4LIFE July 12, 2017
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When getting a blow job you give the girl a money shot trying to get most on the cheek and some in the eye. Then you shine a flashlight in her face and make it shine like Lighting McQueen. If done right she should also look like shee is winking
Dude I totally got Kelly with the Kachow last night
by TripleAAA October 08, 2009
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