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If you are in a red car and you pass another car, you are obligated to flash your headlights and yell "Kachow!" Or when you get into a car accident.

Yes my dude
Guy One: I just ran over that homeless man.
Guy Two: Dude, you forgot to say "Kachow!"
Guy One: Shit, I'll get it right this time, hang on.
by FaZe Pvssyslayer September 19, 2017

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When you take someone’s cum and ‘use it to cover the head of a penis like frosting or icing.
Yoooo Summer gave me a red frosty last night, she’s such a thot. Lmao
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by FaZe Pvssyslayer October 09, 2018

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A fricken boi is a boi that is annoying but you can’t leave them because you need them for one reason or another, whether he is your friend or boyfriend.
Ryan is such a fricken boi but he helps me with math so I can’t yell at him.
by FaZe Pvssyslayer April 13, 2018

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1. The practice of negromancy
2. Popular nickname for male, black, genitalia
3. When blacks find their way down from the tree
4. When only 13% of Britain’s population is black but they commit 50% of violent crimes
1. Yo this nigga is a black magic negromancer
2. Y’all wanna taste som this black magic?
3. How the fuck did he I bang himself? That’s some black magic
4. 13% for 50% is some black magic. Lemme check if my bike is still there
by FaZe Pvssyslayer May 08, 2019

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