When your friend wears highlight and its so bright to the point they turn into lightning mcqueen
Girl: You like my new highlight

Girl: Holy shit look at that fucking kachow!!
by Ranked2335 April 03, 2017
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The multi-use word that was invented by GV in 2010. I can be used to describe many things that are from amazing to sketch. Use it often and randomly.
Sniper pulling trigger: Ka-Chow, mofo.
Guy drinking AriZona Tea: Ka-Chow!

Student: I got an A! Ka-Chow!
Student 2: Dude, I totally failed. Ka-chow!
A puzzled football player: Ka-Chow?
by GVANAHAH December 17, 2010
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word used when your girl is just getting finished giving you dome.
Jason:man nathan what did you do last night?
Nathan:My girl gave me some fire dome and i was like kachow.
by Nanther 54 November 06, 2007
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Katchow is a verb used in reference to flashing ur shiny headlights after beating someone in any car-related competition, including NASCAR Races and high-speed chases.

I/You Kachow
They Kachow
We Kachow
She/He Kachows
We Will Kachow
I Kachowed
I'm totally going to kachow on this lad after I beat him in this race.
by absolute L0oser January 01, 2020
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This is what you say when a stranger with a mask walks up to you and stands there staring awkwardly and you don't know what else to do.
man in mask: *-*
Olivia: Ummm... Ka Chow!!!!????
by Ohmygodisweartogod February 09, 2020
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This word, despite the belief of various people (Cayman I swear to god), is an interjection and is not a verb.


Kachow is used as an interjection to use in various situations, mostly of awkward nature.
Person A: "Man, that guy has a cool car."
Person B (with the car): "Kachow!"
by Author_Goat January 01, 2020
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