Lightning McQueen's famous catch fraise from the Pixars cars series.
Jeffrey: And lightning McQueen has finished in first place
(Light McQueen pans to the camera)
Lightning McQueen: Ka Chow!!
by SwiftHandles July 10, 2017
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A word that offends a special ed Russian jew in a special ed class, the child that gets offended by the word "kachow" has severe autism and down syndrome. The child gets beaten up by an indian kid, and says that he beat up 20 black men and specifically says "black men" because he thinks all black people are bad
Hey Arthur KACHOW!!
Arthur: i will beat you up!
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by stancedr34gtr March 21, 2019
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A phrase only the best dankest of memers will get, used by Lightning McQueen in the best movie ever, Cars.
Roy: Ay man, i got these new Gucci shorts.
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by A_Failure March 27, 2018
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When getting a blow job you give the girl a money shot trying to get most on the cheek and some in the eye. Then you shine a flashlight in her face and make it shine like Lighting McQueen. If done right she should also look like shee is winking
Dude I totally got Kelly with the Kachow last night
by TripleAAA October 08, 2009
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The word Kachow is a medical and meme-ical term used to describe an intense emotional feeling of sadness and/or internal pain and distress.
The word and term can be used in colloquial sentences, in diagnosis or as an expression of one's current mood.
An example of the term in use can be shown as such:
Friend1-"Hey bro, how are you feeling today.. you look pretty depressed?"

Friend2-"Kachow" :')
by Thientitht October 15, 2020
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"did you see that lightning storm last night? it went KACHOW right past my hosue!"
by Magaz May 09, 2008
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