1) When you do something horrible, like hitting a small animal when your girlfriend is in your car, and you know theres no way out.
2) When too much alcohol is consumed in a single setting
3) The guy in his Civic when he hits your car, and you and your friends are FORCED to kill him.
1) Guy 1: <driving along> HOLY SHIT!!!
Car: <bump bump>
Girlfriend: Oh my God! You ass hole! You just killed that thing!

2)Guy 1: Doooooood... I'm fruluckin shamshhhhed! <puts hand on Guy 2's shoulder>
Guy 2: <takes hand off shoulder> Too bad your parents are on their way home, dude.

3)Car: <crunch>
Guy 2: WTF was that?! <looks in rear view mirror>
Guy 1: <from out of his window> My bad dude!
Guy 2,3,4 and 5: <get out of car and KILL guy 1>
when in you are in such a bad position that no matter what u do it will turn out bad for u and others.
fuck dude, we are kablastafucked.
by the guy March 14, 2005